Two Sets Organic Fertilizer Granulators Ship to India


 On the particles granulating machine basis,the organic fertilizer granulator is in round configuration to make cylindrical particles into rolling ball, no return, high rate of ball granule, good strength, beautiful and applicable, and hence the machine becomes the ideal equipment of globular particles in organic fertilizer (biological). So this machine is weidly used in the wood coal,organic feculence,corm,etc.





India is a large agricultural nation, there are lots of organic fertilizer, many villagers do not know how to make the rational use of fertilizers, resulting in a lot of waste. So the demand for granulators is big. 





Mr Village in India made a inquiry through website, and our salesman know that he want granulators for organic fertilizer, so we recommend he KP-350C organic fertilizer (biological) granulator. On 20th September 2012, our logistics persons sent two sets of organic fertilizer (biological) granulators to India successfully.