10-15 Ton/hour Coal Briquette Production Line

The 10-15 t/hbriquette production processis designed to make the briquette of compressed coal or mineral briquettes. The final product can be used for fuel, smelting and other industries. 
The capacity for the coal briquette production line ranged from 1 t/h to 30 t/h. We can offer different briquette production process and solutions according to your requirements.  
Coal Briquette Production Line is specially designed for briquetting powder of coal, coke, iron, kaolin, tailings, gypsum, slag, sludge etc.  
There are three types of briquette machine suitable for this briquette line: screw briquette press, hydraulic briquette machine and mechanical briquette machine. We will design the best solution for you denpending on you specific situation and needs.
Necessary processes:  
1. Crushing---for crushing the raw materials into small powder with size less than 3mm.
2. Dosing---There are two bins, one for holding coal powder, the other for holding dry binder. There are weighing system on them to keep the percentage of the binder and raw material.
3. Mixing---Mix the raw materials with binders evenly. No matter dry binder or liquid type binder.
4. Briquette making---Press the well mixed raw materials into good quality and high density briquettes.
5. Briquette drying---Transport the briquettes to the vertical dryer or blet dryer to get dry briquettes which can be packed directly.
Advantages of this complete coal briquette production line:
1. Professional technical team for reasonable design & suggestion.
2. Powerful 24 hours technical supporting.
3. Rollers with good anti-abrasive material to enlarge the service time.
Following are the projects of coal briquette production line:


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