1-30 t/h Carbon powder briquetting production line

Carbon ball production line: hammer crusher - carbonization furnace - conveyor - wheel grinder - briquette machine - finished products (briquette balls).
Carbon powder production line: hammer crusher - carbonization furnace - conveyor - wheel grinder - tablet press machine - finished products (flake).




Carbon powder production line and equipment range:

1. The scope of supply: two belt conveyors, one set quantitative feeding machine, one set wheel grinder, box-type feeding machine, one set briquette machine.
2. Provide production technology process flow diagram and related technical parameters of the equipment. 
3. Equipment installation construction foundation drawing.
4. Adhesive composition constitute and proportion.
Technology solutions:




1. belt conveyor

Belt conveyor is a kind of machinery by mechanical friction drive with continuous way transport material.It can transport break bulk material, also can undertake into item delivery, formed rhythmic line production lines.

2. wheel grinder

Quantitative feeding conveyor convey powdered materials into wheel grinder, quantitative feeding machine feed timing quantitative, assign materials to the wheel grinder. Wheel grinder is the special blender for mixing adhesive materials. In the blender, install two 750kg runner wheel to synchronous operate with internal and external scraper, making adhesive materials in the process of constantly turning and rolling can reach the ideal mixing effect in short time. According to the proportion of different materials, each can throw 0.4 m3, stirring time for 2-4 minutes.

3. carbonization furnace

This new type carbonization furnace is separated from the combustion chamber, and the carbonization hearth adopts flexible installation with continuous work. A furnace can be equipped with several charring hearth which need no preheating when replacing it. The carbonization hearth is cooled outside the carbonization furnace, thus it greatly improves the carbonization efficiency, saving the devices, labor and costs

4. carbon powder ball press machine

Carbon powder briquette press machine can use KHY briquette maker to press powdered carbon into briquette balls, this machine's roller adopt 65Mn. On the bottom of briquette machine install linear sieve, can make finished balls and a small number of corner crushed aggregates separate naturally. Finished balls directly sent to the dryer machine for drying or pur in the sun outdoor, crushed aggregates can return back into briquette machine for secondary suppress into balls.

5. hammer crusher

This grinder machine mainly crush carbon block into carbon powder with reasonable size, so that carbon powder can enter into the briquetting machine for pressing into balls. Thus avoid to block the machine.

Carbon powder production process:

1, using gasification apparatus, through the gasifier sawdust igniting combustible gas in the gasification furnace to generate combustion carbonization furnace, to achieve the purpose of heating 

2, carbonization furnace heated to a certain temperature, combustible gas produced by dust inside the sub, dust separator for separating dust separated combustible gas through the wood tar creosote recovery system (generally every ton of carbon powder available 200kg-300kg wood tar) 

3, after carbonization furnace heating gas production for this time of reflection gasification furnace heating or gas production, the device stops working, the end of the preliminary heating equipment work. 

4, carbonization furnace work about 2-3 hours (the time at different temperatures) from the furnace after the toner inflow outflow from the condenser and condenser, equipment normal, uninterrupted cutting, so called continuous carbonization furnace.

Henan kefan is the professional briquette machine supplier in China, we can supply carbon powder briquetting production line with different capacity (1-35 t/h), so we ensuere we can meet customers' different needs. 

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