Feeder is the general sense of the feeding machine, just because each place called different, so produced a different name, and its essence and function is basically the same.

What is feeder?

Feeder is the general sense of the feeding machine, just because each place called different, so produced a different name, and its essence and function is basically the same. Vibrating feeder for mine for the material from the storage bin or other storage devices in uniform or quantitative supply to the receiving device, is the necessary equipment to implement automated assembly line. It is divided into open and closed two kinds, common feeder with electromagnetic vibration feeder, rod vibrating feeder, screw feeder.


How to work?

The vibrating feeder has simple structure, stable vibration, uniform feeding, good continuous performance and adjustable exciting force. It has convenient operation, so you can change and control flow at any time. It also has eccentric blockexcitation source, low noise, low power consumption, good regulation performance, without the phenomenon of red material; if the body can be closed to prevent dust pollution. Convenient operation, no lubrication, low power consumption; can be uniformly adjusted to the amount of ore; it has been widely used. Generally used for loose materials. According to the performance requirements of the device, silo bottom discharge shall be provided enough ore retaining plate height.

The vibration feeder can convey the massive, granular materials from silos in uniform, continuous feeding to feeding device. The production line in the sand crushing machine for continuous feeding evenly to avoid crushing machine from clogging the outlet.


For what?

The vibrating feeder can be divided into GZD type vibration feeder, ZSW type vibration feeder. Overview of vibration feeder type GZD: it has been widely used in metallurgy, coal, mineral processing, building materials, chemical industry, abrasive crushing, screening equipment.

Advantages of GZD vibration feeder:

1. Small size, light weight, simple and compact structure;

2. Easy installation, convenient maintenance, low operation cost;

3. High efficiency, high feeding capacity;

4. Low noise, improving the working environment;

5. Small power consumption, high power factor;

6. After adding the motor governor, it is convenient to adjust the feed quantity without adjusting the eccentric block.

The working principle of GZD type vibration feeder: this machine is used in the vibrator eccentric rotation centrifugal force. It makes up of the body, vibration motor, spring, spring seat, sieve strips.

The feeding machine is composed of a rotating disc, a guide sleeve and a scraper. The material in the silo is piled on a disc inlaid with a wear-resistant lining plate through a guide sleeve, and the disk rotates and the material is scraped out by the scraper. Adjust the position of the material guide sleeve or scraper or can change the feeding amount. The diameter of the disc is generally less than 3 meters, the speed is not more than 10 RPM / min. The disc feeder runs smoothly and reliably. It is convenient to adjust the feed volume and consumes less energy, but the structure is relatively heavy, and it is suitable for the powder material with little stickiness.

Some feeders are composed of a casing and an impeller. The casing, the lower end of the inlet, outlet and hopper, feeding device are connected. Between the rotating impeller around a horizontal axis when material falls into the impeller cavity, with the rotation of the impeller half weeks after discharge into receiving equipment. Equaler can make the material into the cavity before discharge to the grid voltage, so as not to be material feeding zone. Change the rotational speed of the impeller can adjust the feeding quantity. The impeller diameter is generally below 500 mm in the speed of not more than 45 rpm. This machine has the advantages of simple structure, small size, light weight, feeding airtight, which is suitable for small size and powder materials.