Coal Briquetting Machine

Coal briquetting machine, also called pulverized coal pressing machine, which is divided into cold pressing forming and hot pressing forming.

What is coal briquetting machine?

 Coal briquetting machine, also called pulverized coal pressing machine, which is divided into cold pressing forming and hot pressing forming. And cold pressing is divided into adhesive forming and non-adhesive forming. Coal briquetting machine is mainly to press all kinds of iron, slag, steel slag, iron oxide, refractories, all powder materials that are required to burn need coal briquetting machine. In the past, our country’s metallurgical industry lime powder mostly abandoned or changed to other uses, resulting in great waste of resources. With the increasingly tight of resources and energy, more and more attention has been paid to the utilization of lime powder in metallurgical industry. The high-pressure powder pressure ball machine can make the kiln powder press into balls and it is used for smelting. At present, some steel mills abroad and China's Baosteel, Anshan Iron and steel has been used coal briquetting machine.


For what?

Coal briquette machine can be used to suppress the pulverized coal, coking coal, iron, aluminum, iron, iron oxide, carbon powder, carbon powder, slag, gypsum, tailings, sludge, kaolin, activated carbon, such as coke powder, powder, waste, waste residue. It is widely used in refractories, metallurgy, power plant, chemical industry, energy, transportation, heating and other industries. After being pressed by coal briquetting machine, the material has advantages of energy saving and environmental protection, convenient transportation. This not only increases the use of scrap rate, but also has good economic and social benefits.

Coal briquetting machine is a king of machine that the raw material after pulverization directly on production without adding water.High pressure, high strength powder with pressure ball machine and the metallurgical industry that have waste materials and accessories all need coal briquetting machine to complete. For example: dust, mud, oxide skin, slag, iron powder, aluminum powder, manganese ore and so on.


How to work?

The host is powered by an electromagnetic speed regulating motor. Through a belt pulley, cylindrical gear reducer to drive shaft by pin coupling. A driving shaft and a driven shaft through a gear to ensure the synchronous operation. There is a hydraulic devices installed behind the passive bearing seat. Screw feeding device is driven by electromagnetic adjustable speed motor through a belt pulley, worm gear reducer to rotate, and the material that is pressed will be forced into the material feeding port. Because of the electromagnetic adjustable speed motor constant torque characteristics, when the pressure feeding amount and the host of spiral feeder is equal to the amount of required materials can maintain a constant pressure so that the pellet feed has stable quality. If the feeding amount is too large, then the electrical overload feeding device; the feeding quantity is so small that can not make into a ball. So the skilled operation technology is an important condition to ensure the normal work of the ball.

Hydraulic protection device is composed of a hydraulic pump that make high pressure oil into the hydraulic cylinder and make the piston produce axial displacement. The piston rod is connected with the front head on the bearing seat to meet the production requirements of pressure. When the pressure between the two roller feeding too much or the metal block enters into the device, the piston rod of the hydraulic cylinder pressure will overload, hydraulic pump  will stop. Accumulator has buffering effect on the pressure relief valve to open the oil return, the piston rod roller gap displacement increase so hard by pressure roller, and pressure recovery normal can protect the roller from damage.



1. High quality and wide application. The quality of coal briquetting machine is reliable, and it can be used widely. It is suitable for industrial gas, boiler type, cold pressing type focus, ignition briquette, briquette civilian, metallurgy, refractory, medicine and other various molding materials.

 2. High capacity and press rate. The pressure of coal briquetting machine is strong. It is suitable for large, small enterprises that have a certain production scale of the production line.

3. Energy-saving and environmental protection. Coal briquetting machine has been used and improved in industry for many years. Compared with other similar products, coal briquetting machine has high spherulization rate, low power consumption, compact structure and easy maintenance and debugging and other advantages.