Chain plate band dryer

What is chain plate band dryer?Chain plate band dryer, a kind of drying equipment, is shaped as a chain plate band.

What is chain plate band dryer?

Chain plate band dryer, a kind of drying equipment, is shaped as a chain plate band. Chain plate band dryer is composed of electric heating, steam heating, hot air heating heating of batch and continuous production of using steel chain plate as a conveyor belt carrying materials for continuous drying drying equipment. In the drying process, the chain can drying constantly to improve the production capacity. There are a chain installed in the two sides to solve the problems of oblique. The drying box can drying in section and controlled by separate power plant. The structure consists of conveyor system and drying furnace. The multi-sections is controlled by the PID. The temperature of furnace is equal. The speed of conveyor is controlled by frequency conversion to work normally.


For what?

The dryer features the advantage of wide application. It is mainly used for the drying of flaky, strip and grain materials with better air permeability. It is especially suitable for materials with high moisture content such as dehydrated vegetables, medicine and beverage, and materials that are not allowed to be high. There are a lot of industries that can be used in, such as mining, energy, food, medicine, metallurgy and so on. The chain plate dryer is mainly used in the drying of materials such as calcium carbide, chemical, metallurgy, lignite, coal, silicon and iron.

The main features are good drying effect, low crushing rate and high degree of automation. 

This series of drying machines have the advantages of fast speed, high evaporation intensity and good quality of products. The green materials of the filter cake and wet process can also be dried.


How to work?

The chain plate band dryer is a kind of jet air flow drying equipment.  The hot wind is sprayed onto the conveyor belt at the same time by the hole beam. As the jet velocity reaches up to 15m/s, the membrane of convection heat transfer is very thin; the heat transfer coefficient is large; and the drying speed is fast.

When the device is used in an impermeable class, the jet stream still returns above and the air flow below returns below.

It has strong penetrability and diffusivity of the air permeable materials.

Using heat source can be steam, electricity, hot air furnace and fuel flue gas.

When materials uniform flat out on the steel chain plate, the chain plate conveyor drag moving back and forth inside the drying machine, hot air in the materials passing through, the water vapor from the eduction in the platoon is wet hole, so as to achieve the purpose of drying.

The drying time of the chain plate dryer is usually 20-30 minutes, and the high temperature drying furnace is composed of a chain conveyor and a high temperature tunnel kiln which is made of heat-resistant steel.

The conveyor belt adopts the metal chain plate with high temperature, and the material is exported by the cooling chain plate after drying for 25-30 minutes on the chain plate.



1. High capacity and stir well. The chain plate adopts the advanced technology from all over the world to improve the capacity and quality of final products. The chain plate band dryer adopts the advanced transmission device, compared with the common dryer, which saves the coal consumption by 20% , so it greatly saves the production cost. 

2. Low energy consumption and environmental protection. The high effective mixing rate can reduce the air pollution and resource waste.  The chain plate band dryer adopts the many grades of dust removal equipment to meet the environmental protection standards of government to reduce the pollution.

3. Good economical benefit and society benefit. Only a little investment, it can get a lot of benefits from many aspects.

4. Low wear rate and long service life. The machine adopts the first-class materials to reduce the wear, and some materials adopt the anti-wear materials to prolong the service life. The reasonable structure can make the operation become easier and reduce the labor cost. High quality materials of the sludge dryer can work for24 hours, a whole day, and reduce the wear rate of the problems.

5. Wide application and multi-purpose. The dryer can be used in a number of industries, such as mining, metallurgy, energy, etc. The machine can serve for many purposes.