Chicken Manure Dryer

What is chicken manure dryer?The chicken manure dryer is mainly used for drying the chicken manure, which can make the fish feed or fruit tree feed by adding some fertilizer into the dry chicken manure.

What is chicken manure dryer?

The chicken manure dryer is mainly used for drying the chicken manure, which can make the fish feed or fruit tree feed by adding some fertilizer into the dry chicken manure. The largest feature of chicken manure dryer is dust removal and deodorization. The fresh chicken can be made the pig feed, and the waste is the organic fertilizer. The chicken manure dryer can make the 70-80% of moisture content chicken manure turn of the 13% moisture content chicken manure. The dryer can equip the chicken manure host, hot blast furnace, screw feeding machine, dust collector, deodorant tower, control work station to form a complete production line.

In the production process, the chicken manure dryer in a sealed condition, that can reduce the pollution and play a role of energy-saving. The chicken manure dryer is the necessary equipment in chicken manure organic fertilizer production.

The fresh chicken manure is the most raw materials of pure chicken organic fertilizer. By the thoroughly dust removal, purifying, high temperature dryer, crushed sterilization and deodorization and other procedure. It has a number of nutrient elements of the grains. By the professors tested, the fertilizer includes the 2.6% nitrogen, 3.5% phosphorus, 2.5% potassium, 16-25% crude protein, 45% organic matter.


How to work?

Work principle

The chicken manure, whose moisture content is more than 70%, According to the ratio of 1:3 is diluted with water. Then use the water removal bump which equip in the water removal bump by spring squeezing the water. The chicken manure has the water content by 40%. The extrusion water can flow into the raw chicken manure pool to dilute. The removed water can be used by twice then extrusion. That can save the water effectively. The water removed chicken manure by belt conveyor to the feeding ports by chicken special use feeding device to feed. The work principle of host break up device and host rotary rotates from different directions at the same time. The dried materials can make the packing in the discharging port. When the chicken manure enters the dryer , the heat resources by the fan with the water vapor. There are some fine particles dry chicken manure in the water vapor. In the cylinder middle part, there is a cyclone to unloading the materials to complete the process of drying.


For what?

The chicken manure market is large, and in the several industries, it sells well. The dryer, suits for the large, medium, small chicken farm. According to the drying materials, it can adopt the different heat resources. By the large area test, the per acre wheat can add the capacity by 20%, the yield of 100Kg of fertilizer can increase  vegetables  per acre by more than 30%, and the fruit trees can increase the yield by more than 40%, and the fertilizer can increase by more than 40%.

This organism is a kind of tan color equal particle products, above use volume no need to use other fertilizer. The fertilizer is no pollution, no stink, use conveniently, high fertilizer effect and easy to improve the soil to avoid the soil harden with too much fertilizer. It is suitable for the wheat, rice, peanut and fruit trees, it also can improve the quality of the grains and fruits to good for the health of people, which is the best fertilizer for no pollution of green food. The chicken manure fertilizer can be used in feeding fish, pig. In the common condition, the machine suits for the moisture content of chicken manure, duck manure, open up feed resources, reduce feeding costs, reduce environmental pollution to have a good effect. The chicken manure drying machine adopts the airflow drying method, high thermal efficiency, without destroying the premise of product quality, a complete deodorization and insecticidal sterilization for the material, the machine can be humid under the high temperature at the beginning of a drying of raw material containing less than 14%.



1. Advanced technology. The machine can make the moisture content of 65% by high heat dryer to the 13% moisture content. The chicken manure dryer can improve the energy-saving effect and save the cost for the farmers.

2. Various nutrient elements. The rich nutrient elements can make the organic fertilizer to as the best fertilizer to feed the fish, pig.

3. High production ratio. The rotary dryer features the high production and can run easily.

4.Simple structure, the materials can through the cylinder smoothly and run easily.

5. Lower wear and low maintenance cost, low power consumption.

6. Wide application and the good quality of the dried products.

7. Energy saving and environment protection. In the drying process, the dryer can achieve the sterilization deodorant.